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The Azores



A Paradise in the deep blue of the Atlantic, the Azores call more and more the attention of travelers looking for meaningful experiences.

Known for their welcoming and friendly people, the Azores inspire with their landscapes, food, and traditions.

Darwin passed by the Azores Islands, but he did not give it too much credit, however, according to the scientific community he died regretting that fact.

Still, he mentioned this archipelago several times, in his masterpiece “On The Origin Of Species” after writing to Francisco de Arruda Furtado, a young Azorean with 26years of age (the only Portuguese person to whom he ever wrote) aiming to improve his judgement and to level up his knowledge of these islands.

With volcanic origin, placed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago is divided into three groups, the Western Group (Flores and Corvo), the Central Group(Faial, Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira) and the Eastern Group (São Miguel and Santa Maria).

Four hours flight away from the United Sates and two hours from Lisbon, the Azores are an archipelago where you can rest far away from the rest of the World.

Stunning views, single beauty lagoons located in the craters of extinct volcanoes, hot water springs, peaks and caves, green fields… all this makes these islands unique inthe World.

Travel Packs



Welcome to TRAVEL GLEX 2022.

This site has been specially designed to organize the trip to the Azores archipelago, Portugal, for all those who wish to participate in the world's most inspiring explorers summit in the world.

In order to make it easy to everyone interested, we have organized 2 packages for TEC Members, and another 2 packages to Non TEC Members, both of them with a 4 nights staying option and a 7 nights  staying option.

All those being TEC Members should choose one or the other EXPLORERS pack, according to the number of nights they would like to stay.

All those not being TEC Members should choose on or the other GLEX pack, according to the number of nights they would like to stay.

Please pick one according to your situation.

Packages Avaliable

Please select the desired package according the number of nights and summit participation






Flight Info



Please find here below all the direct flights between United States of America and Azores


Direct Flights from USA to PDL*


United Airlines

EWR (Newark) - PDL (Ponta Delgada)
Every day

Departure: 22H55 (10:55 PM)

Arrival: 08H40 (08:40 AM) next day


SATA – Azores Airlines 

JFK (New York) – PDL(Ponta Delgada)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Departure: 21H20 (09:20 PM)

Arrival: 06H25 (06:25 AM) next day


BOS (Boston) – PDL (Ponta Delgada)
Every day, except Wednesday

Departure: 21H15 (09:15 PM)

Arrival: 06H10 (06:10 AM) next day

Direct Flights from PDL* to USA


United Airlines 

PDL (Ponta Delgada) - EWR (Newark)
Every day

Departure: 11H00 (11:00 AM)

Arrival: 13H10 (01:40 PM)


SATA – Azores Airlines

PDL (Ponta Delgada) - JFK (New York)
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Departure: 18H00 (06:00 PM)
Arrival: 19H55 (07:55 PM)


PDL (Ponta Delgada) – BOS (Boston)
Every day, except Thursday

Departure: 18H00 (06:00 PM)
Arrival: 19H50 (07:50 PM)


*- Ponta Delgada - Azores







The experiences you can't skip in the island



Dear GLEX Summit Guests,

First of all, it’s a pleasure to welcome you in S. Miguel island.
For all of you and your families, Açoreana DMC is proud to present an amazing selection of activities to experience in the island.
Having in mind the reasons why people choose travelling to the Azores, I would like to highlight activities such as "Swimming with Dolphins", "Whale Watching", "Ponta Delgada Food Tour", " Dive Baptism", and "Canoeing".

For the all set of activities please visit our catalogue, and do not hesitate to reach me if you have any special request.


Patrícia Raposo




Please take a good look on the catalogue and select your activities on the Registration form


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Official Agency 
Rua de Lisboa, Edifício Varela
9500-216 Ponta Delgada
+351 296 301 866
[email protected]
Margarida Cabral  +351 918 792 268
Patrícia Raposo  +351 918 792 266 





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